ART Software Group

What We Do

ART Software Group is a trusted name for delivering powerful software solutons for leading businesses in Retail, Property, Energy and Contract Management


Powerful, Beautiful, Tailored Software

Our software puts you in touch with effective KPI analysis tools and tailored versatile visualisations. Paths to optimal performance are found faster with intelligent analysis tools that arm you with an in-depth understanding of your business situation, goals and growth.

Strategic Tools

The intelligent visuals at the core of Retail Advantage prove vital for daily planning. Versatile tools to help you to improve the performance of assets and managed retail with a picture of operations from a truly strategic viewpoint.

Take your data to the next level and let trends in your business information reveal paths to increased revenues. ART's Software achieves better ROI from your data.


Intuitive Software

Take the stress out of reporting with dashboards that can be exported with 1-click to supply colleagues and clients with documents and information-rich visuals for last-minute meetings or periodic review.

Streamlined and adaptable interfaces make data easy to manipulate and access from remote locations or within busy working environments. Our powerful cloud systems enable you to make light work of assembling reports and gaining insights from colleagues and other operatives, combined with captured data to give the broadest picture of operational performance.



Over 18 years leading data anayticsand reporting tools for the management of retail environments. Working closely with industry professionals – we understand what information yields value, who needs it, when and in what form.

  • ART software is used in 12 countires with thousands of users
  • We capture and integrate a wealth of data from multiple sources, delivering insight, forecasting and performance monitoring
  • Expertise develpoed through a clear understanding of industry best-practice and product requirements
  • We specialise in flexible, scalable and adaptable software, focussed at targeting and managing performance
  • Driven by innovation and new technological capabilities