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Enhance the value of your data with intelligent software made for shopping malls, outlets and retail portfolios - Capture and make sense of your data with a tailored management platform powered by real-time analytics

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Retail Advantage Data Driven Dashboards

Dashboard Driven Analysis

Retail Advantage gives you tools to achieve better ROI from your data

To stay ahead you have to be aware of changes to your situation, no matter how subtle. Retail Advantage provides you with fast access to complete dashboard overviews of each area of your business performance. Such a comprehensive view gives you instant understanding of your retail business trajectory to get the best from your data and make informed strategic decisions.

Data Sources

Data Sources

Retail Advantage makes sense of your data with tailored reports and data visualisations powered by real-time analytics. Collecting and verifying data from site and numerous other systems, locations and feeds.

  • Sales
  • Brand and Tenant Data
  • Surveys
  • Staff Commentary
  • Traffic data, Parking and Footfall
  • WiFi & Customer Engagement
  • External Feeds like Weather data
  • Internally Developed Applications



Retail Advantage provides the best view on your data relevant to each business role

  • Store / Retail Manager
  • Centre Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Investor / Client
  • 3rd Party

Reporting on data to the same defined standards means everyone across your entire business – from tenants to management to investors – can utilise current and accurate data. Delve swiftly into your data whilst travelling. Be prepared for every eventuality with unparalleled access, exploring the reports you need in detail on your tablet or mobile device.

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Take the stress out of compiling reports with 1-click analysis and highly versatile reporting tools, releasing time to put your plans into action

Dive directly into key areas of your business data and KPIs using powerful analysis tools that generate complex reports swiftly. Do away with multiple spreadsheets that require constant attention from staff. Live and accurate data gives genuine insight on your situation at a glance, allowing you to make fast, informed decisions.

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Strategically evaluate event data and promotional campaigns

Implementing a promotional campaign or change of layout and signage may provide a positive impact to a number of stores within a retail location, and equally an event may have a negative impact on other areas of the site in terms of revenue, customer numbers, flow and repeat visits.

Insight into what works and under what conditions gives a clear understanding of what has been seen to yield good ROI, and assists with allocating resources to initiatives that are proven to deliver results.

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Share documentation, important notices and reports securely across an entire retail portfolio with auditable tracking

Arm colleagues and clients with vital information and data-rich visuals for last minute meetings or periodic reviews. Enable secure communication across retail sites and instantly share documents, memos and messages.

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