The Complete Retail Management Suite Designed to Optimise Retail Performance

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Lightweight Digital Data Access

Access anywhere via PC, mobile and tablet. Streamline laborious manual collection by enabling stores to submit data on-location.

Ensure quality of data through digital-validation and auditable system-assisted input, removing the requirement for complex spread sheets.

Automatically import data from footfall counters and other data feeds, releasing your time to the benefit of strategic planning and implementation.

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Understand and Visualise Your Data

With charts, graphs, tables and heat-maps, analysis of data using Retail Advantage becomes infinitely more accessible assisting with targeted methods to increase sales and traffic.

Assess performance levels at a glance and act accordingly. Keep abreast of changes as they happen.

Discover return on investment from promotional and marketing initiatives using live data.

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Essential Business Communication

Share documentation and notices with store staff and colleagues to maximise performance.

Use secure channels to get announcements and important information where it needs to be fast across your entire organisation.

Engage and engender closer working relationships, creating a community working toward profitability and success.

Explore the features

Access via mobile devices
Vital information when and where you need it…

Access Via Mobile Devices

When called away to a meeting or other scheduled event you still want to keep tabs on your retail business situation. Retail Advantage is designed to be accessed easily from mobile devices ensuring that you are aware of any changes in retail performance whilst on the move.
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Analyse your business perforamnce…

Retail Analytics Software

Visualise and drill into performance data relevant to your business. Provide accurate and strategic summaries of critical information vital to optimal operational performance.
Secure global access
Analyse your data from anywhere, securely…

Secure Global Access

Retail Advantage provides access to your data from any location making analysis effortless. You are able to easily access key performance data analytics wherever you are with enhanced security measures built-in. All data is backed up and secured via the strictest datacentre practices. Secure centralised storage offers increased performance and efficiency due to the power and speed of Retail Advantage servers.
aggregate data feeds
See all of your data in once place…

Aggregate Data feeds

Automatically pull in data from numerous sources to provide instant and detailed analysis of retail KPIs such as footfall or POS. Export data to pdf, MS Office or other formats for presentations or collaboration. Combine different sets of data previously available only in one application to provide an enlightening view of factors contributing to sales growth or practices which may boost one area of your business, but have a detrimental effect on other areas.
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Retail Businesses & Groups


Retail Advantage is the perfect tool for the comprehensive analysis of financial and performance data across Retail Groups and franchise stores to offer a superb strategic foundation for making important business decisions. Retail analytics offers a real-time understanding of your business situation giving you advanced warning of potential problem areas.

Discover in real-time progress in attaining targets for instance the distance from achieving weekly or daily sales levels. View percentage variances on prior periods and explore trends that lead to future growth.

Analyse the effectiveness in stocking certain product lines and compare sales of specific products or categories for stores in different regions or locations.

Achieve more by gaining a broader picture of your business performance with up-to-the-minute data completely processed and analysed at the click of a mouse or a touch of the screen.

keep in sync
Keep your data
constantly in sync
analyse your data
Detailed analysis of
data in realtime
explore return on investment
Explore store/product
performance ROI
business growth prospects
Enhance business
growth prospects

Let Retail Advantage bring your business forward to greater prosperity

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Shopping Mall Owners and Asset Managers

Let business intelligence analytics designed specifically for retail provide genuine benefit to your assets


Retail Advantage provides performance data analysis for key retail businesses to enhance productivity and inspire growth. This essential toolset provides retail business performance analysis for shopping centres, retail parks and other managed retail locations to secure the most effective return on investment from any managed retail property.

Optimising the performance of retail assets is a matter of precision. With the right tools providing continuous, real-time analysis and KPI focussed reporting you can take your assets further.

To truly unlock the potential of any implemented retail strategy, you need detailed data analysis. The retail performance management tools in Retail Advantage give you insight into how money is being spent in terms of category, location and brand. A genuine understanding of brand-mix effectiveness and benchmarking for all aspects of retail performance.

For Mall Management Teams

With shopping centre management, you need to know who is winning and who is in trouble. With this vital information you can act quickly to provide targeted support and guidance to under-performing tenants bringing them back to profitable performance levels, raising the profile of the centre as a prime sales location.

Retail Advantage gives you vital tools for the daily running of your centre, mall or retail location. See instantly which tenants are performing well and where there are potential problem areas. Explore footfall trends and marry this with tenant performance data to pinpoint blockages and unlock optimal mall-flow conditions.

Explore how marketing and promotional initiatives and affect your centre’s performance. Discover which tenants and categories respond best to seasonal events. Unlock hours of time previously devoted to calculating performance levels in order to act on strategic information that has an impact now.

Offering more

Cooperation between operational management and tenant is considered by many analysts as contributory to growth and prosperity for most retail locations. Many now believe that the sharing of retail performance data can form an important part of that process. Each Retail Advantage client decides exactly what information should be made available to their tenants and custom tenant reports or review packs can easily be created to act as part of any important meeting or communication.

Tenants have access any reports that centre/location management or owner decide to share. These typically include performance rankings, footfall data, retail performance trends and standard periodic management reports.

explore return on investment
Explore and enhance
asset performance
analyse your data
Detailed analysis of
data in real-time
fully tailored product
Fully-tailored to your
business methods
business growth prospects
Enhance ROI and
growth prospects

Let Retail Advantage take your assets further to greater prosperity

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Our clients understand the need for a professional software solution for business data analysis

McArthurGlen Group

The service that ART have provided over the last 7 years has been excellent. Their support staff and development team are skilled, flexible and highly committed. They understand our business needs and continue to deliver a system that quickly became an important tool in all 20 McArthurGlen centres.

The solution provided to us by ART combines excellent business reporting and performance monitoring together with communication and security features. By making use of this new technology our business now has access to critical information in real time from across our entire portfolio, allowing us to maximise profits, reduce time and costs of communications and quickly alert us to any potential problems.

We would recommend ART to anybody thinking of using their software and services.

- Hubs Bakshi, Head of IT

Realm Ltd.

Realm selected Retail Advantage as its preferred option for Factory Outlet schemes following a very successful trial implementation at one of our sites. The system was very well received by our tenants and our management team as an effective tool for monitoring performance and communication with our business partners across the scheme.

ART have worked very hard to deliver every aspect of the functionality and reporting we asked for and this, together with the operational benefit to the schemes we are seeing means that Retail Advantage is now our first choice for all the Factory Outlet schemes we manage.

- Mark Watts, Finance Director

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