Intelligent Flexible Analysis

Analyse your business data – for shopping malls,
retail outlets and portfolios of retail stores

dashboard reporting

Dashboard Reporting

Pull together key reporting summaries of your business attributes in tailored dashboard presentations for a strategic view of your business

retail data trends

Highlight Data Trends

Let your data reveal the story of your business progress by using intelligent tools that offer insight into performance trends and future prospects

retail data visualisation

Visualise KPIs

Explore performance indicators through informative smart-visuals to provide a more accessible view of your business situation

business data integration

Data Integration

Easily access, and aggregate data from numerous sources and locations to give a unified and consistent method of reporting and analysis

mobile device access

Access via Multiple Devices

Connect to view live and current data from global locations using a mulititude of devices from PC, Mac, notebook, tablet and mobile

share documents

Secure Global Sharing

Share documentation, important notices and reports securely across an entire retail portfolio with auditable tracking

Why Retail Advantage?

Retail Advantage is the perfect tool for the comprehensive analysis of financial and performance data for shopping centres, outlet malls, retail parks and other managed retail locations

Providing continuous real-time analysis and KPI focussed reporting, Retail Advantage gives you key data analysis tools and smart visuals to maintain your business position at the forefront of your industry

Leading retail performance management tools give you insight into best paths to achieving goals and building upon successful trading

Take the stress out of compiling reports with 1-click analysis and highly versatile reporting tools, releasing time to put your plans into action

Use performance tools to get hands-on with stores, working together toward positive future outcomes

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